John Everett Till, MS

Sr. VP of Strategy & Innovation, The Family Partnership

John Everett Till, Senior VP of Strategy and Innovation at The Family Partnership, leads two-generation (2Gen) and brain science-informed program and policy strategies at The Family Partnership. John holds an MS in Biological Sciences; his research was on the neuroscience of sensory and cognitive development in children. John leads The Family Partnership’s participation in Change in Mind, the Social Current’s international brain science initiative, and is also active in the Ascend Network of Ascend at the Aspen Institute, the primary national resource for organizations implementing a 2Gen or whole family approach, and Promise Venture Studio’s network of Fellows. Since 2017, John has led efforts to and scale Executive Functioning Across Generations, a novel whole family approach to boost executive functioning with preschool children and their parents, as well as with parents served in home visiting and parent education and support programs. In 2019, Harvard Center on the Developing Child “Frontiers of Innovation” selected the model for a planning grant for national replication and scaling, followed by an implementation grant in 2020. Executive Functioning Across Generations has now been piloted in five states, and in the fall of 2021 won Minnesota Council of Nonprofits’ Innovation Prize. In March 2023, John completed a Promising Ventures Fellowship with Promise Venture Studio, an organization established to incubate, foster, and scale innovations in the early childhood field. Currently John is also part of the Gates Foundation’s Measures for Early Success initiative, which seeks to advance equity-centered measurement of school readiness with a strong focus on executive functioning. John has worked at The Family Partnership for 22 years, and has led successive cycles of program innovation to improve services for families and communities. John lives in an LGBTQ Filipino-American immigrant household in Minneapolis, Minnesota.