Coleen Nipper, MEd

Director of Early Learning, Shine Early Learning

Coleen A Nipper holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from York College and a Master’s degree that specializes in Early Childhood Education & Curriculum and Instruction. Coleen has over 24 years of experience and dedication to the Head Start community. Her educational career began in 1997 in Queens New York working with children with Autism. Coleen has a long-standing commitment to serving children and families, and functioned in the capacity of a Floater, Assistant Teacher, Lead Teacher, Education Specialist and Education Manager. She joined Shine Early Learning as an Education Leader, and was promoted to being one of the Early Learning Inclusion Specialist for the program in Georgia. Coleen then worked her way up and became one of the Early Childhood Education Specialist for the Shine Early Learning Support Team and currently functions in the role as one of the Directors of Early Learning Support and Transition.