Amanda Holliday-Bembridge, PhD

Doctor Teacher Mommy

After Dr. Amanda Holliday-Bembridge’s years in the ECE world as a teacher, curriculum writer, trainer, and reflective coach, she combined this knowledge and lived experiences with a focus on holistically strengthening young children’s families. Her mission is to share the incredible bonding power of music to create connections between caregiver/child that significantly impact both human’s ongoing development. She brings a unique viewpoint stemming from her understanding of the incredible complexity which lies at the intersection of multiple interconnected fields of study. With her ECE background, she deeply understands child development, DAP teaching practices, and the challenges educators face to meet each child’s specific developmental needs. However, as she expanded her understanding of the ECE world by using an Infant Mental Health lens, she began to better understand the intricate systems, both visible and invisible, which have profound implications for the environment in which the child develops and the caregivers who care for them. Ph.D.- Infant and Early Childhood Development specializing in Mental Health and Developmental Differences, Fielding Graduate University BS and MEd Early Childhood Education, University of South Carolina