Baby Talks: Inclusive Family- and Learner-Centered Engagement

Baby Talk presentations summarize one powerful idea and tee-up one related question/consideration for discussion. Each Group begins with 30 minutes of 3 back-to-back presentations, followed by 30 minutes of interactive discussion amongst the presenters and the session participants.

Family-Engaged Developmental Monitoring: Implications and Applications



Early Intervention



This session will explore family-engaged developmental monitoring (FEDM) as a strategy to advance equity, center families as experts, and affirm a family-driven, asset-based approach that aligns with families’ priorities. Participants will learn more about individual, programmatic, and system-level alignment with FEDM efforts and discuss practical applications. 

Presenter: Melissa Passarelli, MA, Help Me Grow National

Family-Centered Design: A Family Engagement Strategy for Building Equity and Social Justice


Early Childhood Education




Learn about features of Family Centered Design, an innovative approach to family engagement that brings families, staff, and leaders together to experience compassionate processes that honor lived experiences. Together, participants identify significant issues, deepen relationships, and problem-solve using innovative ideas and processes, immersing participants in embodied learning experiences.

Presenters: Chris Sciarrino, Kali Sapien and Mark Koski, Start Early

Baby Talks