HealthySteps Exclusive—Distant Socializing: How the COVID 19 Pandemic Taught Us to Support HealthySteps Families, Bridge OB and Pediatrics, and Navigate Autism Services through Virtual Group-Based Interventions





Montefiore’s HealthySteps program predominantly serves marginalized and immigrant families in the most diverse area in the country, with the highest rates of poverty in the state—exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how moving to a virtual group-based intervention removed some barriers to service access, and about new curricula developed to support the parent-child dyad and address specific behavioral and developmental concerns of families referred to HealthySteps. Additionally, gain insights into two psychoeducation and support-focused groups, their piloted group-based intervention curricula, outcome data,  and clinical vignettes to demonstrate program efficacy and goals for future development.

Lecture Session